Fertility Tapping Circle: access freedom, peace and joy on the fertility journey

Join us for a weekly group tapping session to release fear, worry, anxiety, grief & access true relaxation. Meeting Mondays at 8:30am MST (subject to change, eventually aiming for Mondays at lunch-ish) beginning January 10th, 2022
Fertility Tapping Circle: accessing Freedom on the Fertility Journey


  • What the heck is "tapping?"

    The long answer: Tapping, aka EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique, is a tool used to process and release trauma and emotions. By physically tapping on meridian points while talking through a pain point, we can actually change the wiring in the brain and release trauma, fear, worries, and stress. The short answer: It's a way to actually relax!

  • I'm nervous about sharing my fertility story and fears in a group setting, can I work with you 1-1 for tapping and mindset work?

    You absolutely CAN. However, I'd invite you to try this in a group as well for a couple reasons... 1) When you realize how many other people are dealing with fertility issues- you also realize you are not alone- and this sense of community can be very uplifting. 2) When we use energetic tools such as tapping in a group setting, it's as if the positive effects are amplified even further

  • How can tapping help me on my fertility journey?

    It's a well known fact (at least in my world) that fertility issues and infertility treatments can come with a lot of stress, grief, anger, fears & questioning one's purpose in life. These emotional states can affect relationships, sleep, work and the ability to make decisions (and can possibly hinder the ability to conceive). When we find the tools to release fear, worry, anger and strengthen our self trust and joy- everything in life feels easier and more relaxing- which in turn can optimize fertility outcomes.

  • When and how do we meet?

    We will meet weekly each week, hopefully at the same time each week via Zoom. Once you enroll, you'll receive your zoom link as well as a weekly reminder 1 hr before meetings.

  • How long are the tapping sessions?

    This may range from week to week. 1 Hour at the longest.

  • What if I can't make the live sessions? Can I still benefit?

    Absolutely. We will do out best to record the tapping sessions (we may not record 100% of each live call if someone is discussing a sensitive topic and opts out of recording) and these will be uploaded to Thinkific for you to access for the duration of your membership. If there is a specific worry you'd like customized script for, please message us 24 hrs in advance.

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Course curriculum

  • 1


    • What is Tapping?

    • Meeting Format + Zoom link

  • 2

    Tapping How To's

    • The Tapping Points

    • Your tapping script

    • The Tapping Process

  • 3


    • 01/10/22 Tapping for Overwhelm & Trusting in your Body

    • 1/10/22 Tapping for Feeling Stuck, making baby steps to overcome grief

    • 1/17: Feeling Stuck, lack of purpose, self worth

    • 1/17: "What if questions", staying present, releasing the need to control

    • 1/24: Surrendering to the human experience, being able to feel all emotions, releasing what doesn't serve, allowing JOY to grow

    • 1/31/22: Grief/Saddness/Resentment-->Releasing the belief that "I don't deserve to be a mother"

    • 2/7/22: Releasing the feeling of injustice, allowing gratitude and yearning for more to co-exist

    • 2/14/22: Releasing the frustration related to infertility being this constant undertone that is hard to plan around, surrendering, being able to be in the present

    • 2/21/22: Fear of Failure, Inadequacy, feeling unworthy...allowing yourself to be vulnerable and open

    • 2/28/22: Cultivating HOPE & rebuilding trust

    • 3/7/22: Trust (part 1)

    • 03/07/22: Trust, Part 2

    • 3/21/22: Accessing Intuition

    • 3/28/22: Creating Safety

    • 4/8/22: Safety, Creating Boundaries (releasing the fear of alienating people when you create boundaries)

    • 4/11/22: Continuing to Build Safety/Power within

    • 4/18/22, Creating Space for the next steps (while releasing fear, disappointment)

    • 4/25/22: Addressing triggers, continuing to build safety

    • 5/2/22: Releasing Frustration/Resentment, Accessing Acceptance